WCPSS Traditional Calendar

The WCPSS traditional calendar 23-24 has been released. Compared to the WCPSS traditional calendar 22-23, it is much easier to understand. If you are wondering where to find the WCPSS traditional calendar, look no further, we will provide you with all the information here. 

WCPSS calendar traditional has become unnecessarily complicated. The WCPSS Board of Education is facing many difficulties as they try to set the traditional wcpss calendar every year. Looking at this, the General Assembly passed a law that states that the traditional calendar wcpss cannot start or end before certain dates. 

So, what are these dates, and how are they important? Let’s discuss those below. 

WCPSS Traditional Calendar 2023-24

The start and end dates are August 26 and June 11. Due to this, another problem arose: WCPSS found it hard to fit in 180 days of school. According to a school board member, in the wcpss 2017 18 traditional calendar, there were only 184 school days. 

But what are these 180 days and wcpss traditional calendar?

WCPSS Traditional Calendar
WCPSS Traditional Calendar 2023-24

WCPSS’s traditional calendar is a school calendar that consists of 180 days of schooling. This constitutes one long summer break which is included in these 180 days. 

Following a traditional calendar is a year-round calendar, which divides the 180 days evenly for the duration of the whole year. Here the calendar is divided into four 9-week quarters, and each quarter has a break of 3 weeks. So, students need to attend school for nine weeks, followed by a 3-week break. 

How to Access The Traditional Calendar 23-24?

Accessing the calendar is pretty easy, as you need to follow the below steps. 

  • Click Here to access the official WCPSS page. 
  • Click on the calendar that you want to view. 

And that’s it. You can save and bookmark the page too, as it also has the traditional calendar 24-25. Both students and parents can access this. 

Unlike the wcpss traditional calendar 2021-22, this year’s calendar can be accessed through the Wake ID portal as well. The wcpss traditional calendar 21-22 is no longer available on the portal. If you are unaware of how to access the Wake ID portal to view the wcpss traditional calendar 2023-24, follow the steps below. 

How to Access Wake ID Portal?

The traditional calendar can be viewed on the Wake ID portal. You can use www.wcpss.net/traditional calendar to view it or follow the below steps to log in to the wake ID portal and access it. 

  • Visit the official Wake ID Portal and click on Sign In.
  • Next, choose the types of user you are (Staff/Student). 
  • Provide your Wake ID and click on Continue to Log In. 
  • Now, provide your Password and click on Continue to Log In again. 
Wake County Student ID Portal

And that is it. Now, you can browse your way through the portal to find the necessary calendar that you wish to view. 

FAQs On WCPSS 2023-24 Traditional Calendar

Is the WCPSS 2023-24 traditional calendar similar to the wcpss 2019 traditional calendar?

No. The WCPSS 2023-24 traditional calendar is not similar to the 2019 or any other wcpss traditional calendar 16 17 calendars. 

Does WCPSS have provide a traditional calendar every year?

Yes, WCPSS provides a traditional calendar every year. You can find it at https://www.wcpss.net/calendar_traditional.

Can I access the 2023-2024 school calendar traditional wcpss on the Wake ID portal?

You can access the traditional calendar on the Wake ID portal. 


The WCPSS traditional calendar is an important part of a student’s curriculum. It helps them understand when they have exams and breaks for that specific academic year and plan accordingly. Hopefully, this has been of help to you. For further queries, comment below.

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